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Mike Rinder

Mike Rinder was raised as a Scientologist from the age of 6 and finally escaped the organization when he was 52 years old. He sat on the Board of Directors of Church of Scientology International until the day he made his escape. In 1981, Mike began, what would become a lengthy history, working in and leading the Office of Special Affairs. The Office of Special Affairs is a department within scientology devoted to dealing with external facing matters. Mike was responsible for overseeing many of those external matters, including media and public relations where he appeared on numerous TV shows and was quoted in many newspaper and magazine stories, legal and government relations where he would deal directly with governments and law enforcement agencies around the world, he oversaw a great of scientology litigation and he directed the destruction of those deemed “enemies” of scientology.

Since he first spoke out to the then St Petersburg Times in 2009, he has done all he can to bring about change to end the abuses within scientology.  Mike has done dozens of media interviews and appeared in HBO’s Going Clear and the 3 seasons of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.  He has also traveled to Australia, England and Ireland to speak out about scientology abuses.

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Ex JW Fifth

Cliff Henderson (Fifth)

Musician, Rapper, Ex Jehovah’s Witness (Former Pioneer, Bethelite, Ministerial Servant)

Lloyd Evans (John Cedars)

Activist. Ex Jehovah’s Witness (Former Pioneer & Elder)

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Aron Ra

Aron Ra

Aron Ra is an American author, podcaster, and atheist activist. Ra is the host of the Ra-Men Podcast.

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Jason Foux

Jason Foux

Jason hosts the Dragon in Genesis podcast which is a secular bible study podcast examining the origins of the bible stories through the lens of comparative mythology.

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