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Dr Robyn Faith Walsh Mythvision

Dr. Robyn Faith Walsh

Dr. Robyn Walsh is an Associate Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at University of Miami. Dr. Walsh earned her Ph.D. at Brown University in Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean, with a focus on early Christianity, ancient Judaism, and Roman archaeology. She teaches courses on the New Testament, Greco-Roman literature and material culture.

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Ex JW Fifth

Cliff Henderson (Fifth)

Musician, Rapper, Ex Jehovah’s Witness (Former Pioneer, Bethelite, Ministerial Servant)

Lloyd Evans (John Cedars)

Activist. Ex Jehovah’s Witness (Former Pioneer & Elder)

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Aron Ra

Aron Ra

Aron Ra is an American author, podcaster, and atheist activist. Ra is the host of the Ra-Men Podcast.

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Jason Foux

Jason Foux

Jason hosts the Dragon in Genesis podcast which is a secular bible study podcast examining the origins of the bible stories through the lens of comparative mythology.

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