Leviathan: The Folklore of Supernatural

Taking into account what the mythological authors tell us, they highlight Leviathan.

The current experts we take off the sombrero before these mythological authors. Whether they are men or women, they begin to tell us everything within period 7 with some villains who would be classified as traditional within the Jewish-Christian tradition.

We are going to start to like something directly. Many people refer to Leviathan as an old demon. But, this concept is only half correct.

Levitan is known as the Leaning Serpent, it is something very, very old, for which Leviathan is so old, that in real conditions, this little beast will appeal to specific folklore, it is Semitic folklore before, it is said that some two thousand years before all this The concept of demons has entered into the later Judaic tradition.

The name of Leviathan will describe each of the evil boys that initially will inhabit the dark side with a planetary balance that occurs during the first days of Creation.

It appears in one of the first lines within Genesis, and in short, it tells us the following: at the beginning, God produces the paradises, together with the planet. The terrestrial part lacks goodness and a lot of space, darkness takes over the face in the deepest. Together with the Spirit of God that glides on the waters.

With all this, it is possible to affirm that Leviathan is only one of the horrible things that are between the deep part, in the creature of deep space, the titanic passenger of those waters, it basically refers to the waters that are produced from the prehistoric mantra. Also, like any other type of woman who gives birth to testify, the creation of all this can be a violent incident and can transmit a lot of fear. We are not talking about the birth of a simple and lonely human being, so far, we are talking about the birth of most of the cosmos, but about everything. We have many references that have to do with Leviathan as demonology.

But, those mentions that have to close with the belief that is within those biblical texts are minimal and obscure.

If we compare, we take a look, first, it is important that we notice that Leviathan is going to enter Castiel, all this is told in Mythological, it is a purgatory, not hell. Taking into account that in extraordinary myths, demons are usually kept in Heck, the hearts of monsters will also remain within purgatory, this is going to make all the sense in the world. It should be noted that Leviathan will not be a demon, as we have already mentioned above, but it is something older without a doubt and with online extras, something that the online messages of the Jewish-Christian part describe, they describe it colloquially as the Serpent of antiquity.

So according to this thinking, when we use the sea beast, it’s going to be a perfect summary of all of this. Also, it is said that Leviathan was at least once living within the nocturnal gathering, more specifically in those called the deep, as well as in the waters.

With all this, we must bear in mind that all this story about Jonah in the belly of that whale in the part of II Kings, or they come inside the Book of Jonah and the Jewish messages. But it should be noted that this was not the whale. It is thought that Jonah was ingested by the Levitan, it is said that by order of God or YHVH, this is because this fact has refused to provide a good divine message from the God who has the Israelis within the Nineveh skin, together with the neglect of his own obligation as the prophet. We must know that those Israelites are located on good terms with the same people of Nineveh, it is a very effective and Assyrian city in which the Israelites have been captive for a certain type, about 720 BC.

Certain Jewish texts have to do with the midrash, for those who do not know what, they are texts similar to the current discourse. These texts will affirm that Jonah was inside a fact that has been swallowed by the big fish, after all this, he has been swallowed by Leviathan. These variations of the account that Jonah usually mentions with his avoidance of being celebrated by Leviathan, that is, he avoided being in the belly of this great wheel that will be in the stomach of a sea monster, when we show this Seal of Abraham, something that is an 8 pointed star.

It is not necessary to comment that there are certain holes within this version of the story, but this is not really a concrete factor.

But why is YHVH going to send that monstrosity that is so scary and so powerful to put you in danger, or as in this case, ingest the rebel, Jonas? With all this, both Jewish and Christian practice will establish that Leviathan is one of the many developments that God or YHVH has. This is how he tells us within Psalm 104, which gives thanks to YHVH for each being and thing that has appeared in the creation, which consists of Leviathan, it says this: Oh Lord, how many are your works! With that awareness that you have done with everything; Our planet will be full of those riches that are yours, along with the fantastic sea and the width, something where all kinds of things will slide such as big or small monsters, but above all terrible.

In that direction, the ships move, Leviathan also bites, which was created to be able to play in it.

Or at least that’s what everyone expects of you; so that that meat is given to them in due time.

Now, we are going to make a recommendation for a later revelation to take place, with the part of in due time, something that is discussed in Isais: that day the Lord with the excellent pain and the strong sword is going to punish Leviathan, it is In other words, the Leaning Serpent, in the same way as the Leviathan of the Crooked Serpent: the dragon that is still in the sea may also be killed.

But, what is the notification that occurs in the previous extract to indicate as if there were more than one Leviathan? To explain this, we must point out that this Leviathan is nothing more than one entity, but it is a mixture of all those incarnations of anti-violence pressures that have to do with both production and destruction. Depending on these resources, experts say that Leviathan is a monstrous element that will combine, although it is not limited to, the old evils such as Ashmodai, Samael, or a variation of Lilith, as can be seen in the following extract of the book and Behemoth.

Later, when we talk about the practice, we must point out that Leviathan are considered two concrete entities. You can mark them in the following way: Behemoth will be considered as a Leviathan, but it will not be the specific Leviathan. This is because, in reality, Leviathan’s words were used to be a general term for any animal that lives in the sea. One of them may be the whales, due to the complication within the story of our character, Jonah.

In the end, some of these experts in religion or myths, think that that previous tape is going to find that place within the Book as Apocalyptic as the Apocalypse is, the following is pointed out: the battle was fought in heaven, where Both Miguel and his angels will fight against the dragon, this dragon will have to do with his angels, so he will fight against them, although they did not dominate at any time, neither has that place been discovered for all of them within that paradise for as long as possible. Thus, the dredge has been thrown, thus, the ancient serpent has called Devil and Satan, something that deceives everyone around the globe; he has been thrown to earth, along with his angels at all times.

Then, a good excerpt from that mythology of the supernatural will be shown, something that I have discovered that some of these people are evaluating all the photos by Internat, so it is not supposed to be a bargain if it is uploaded in this part. The extract is going to review everything that has to do with the relationship between Leviathan and Lilith, along with the nature of both that is mixed and with that information, something that has been created about period 6. It is interesting for those authors that they were deduced to write about the Supernatural to end up using this particular line, that of Leviathan.

The following should be noted: Judaic demonology, together with the Flochlore, is in charge of stating that it was in a medium like a sea where Lilith will become the other half of some of the 4 Demon Prince that exist, such as Heck, Samael, as the Serpent of the Leviathan angle is in his species, as of the Lilith something that has become the counterpart of this variation of the feminine part. The combination of these two parts follows different numbers that are called Leviathan, or the name with which we will understand this creature in all places.

For this reason, in recent years, just as it is written in the Old Testament of Isaias, this implies that the day of God, together with that powerful sword, will penalize Leviathan, that is, that sharp serpent, which It also has to do with Leviathan or the serpent inclines, in this way the dragon that will remain in the sea will be killed.