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We discuss mythology, syncretism, astrotheology, gematria, sacred geometry, secret societies, ancient languages, history, prophecy, scholarship, conspiracies, heretical ideas, myth interpretations etc…

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Islam will be the World’s Largest Religion by 2070

Islam will be the World's Largest Religion by 2070 Muslims will outnumber Christians by 2070, ending two millenniums of Christian dominance going back to the birth of Jesus Christ, projections released by the Pew Research

Valuing the Myths of the Holy Bible

Valuing the Myths of the Holy Bible When I realized that there can be mistakes in the Bible, I did not abandon it as though everything was just a wild goose chase. Instead, I continued

Leviathan: The Folklore of Supernatural

Leviathan: The Folklore of Supernatural Taking into account what the mythological authors tell us, they highlight Leviathan. The current experts we take off the sombrero before these mythological authors. Whether they are men or women,

Plato and the Creation of the Hebrew Bible

Plato and the Creation of the Hebrew Bible Expert theology writer Russell Gmirkin has launched a new book, Plato and the creation of the Hebrew Bible. It draws our attention to all those similarities that

Jonah and the Whale is an ancient SUN misconception

Jonah and the Whale is an ancient SUN misconception Introduction. According to Jonh E. Remsburg, many stories that concern Joshua, Moses, Jonas, and others that appear in the Holy Scriptures are certain solar myths. For

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